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Who we are?
Chess Zombies is not an ordinary NFT project, it is a whole world full of fantastic stories, plot intricacies, epic battles and grandiose achievements!
The collection of Chess Pieces is just the tip of the iceberg. An entire GameFi is hiding under the water.

We are a highly experienced team with wildly ambitious goals. We are upcoming digital artists, we are web3 nerds, we are community builders. We are Chess Zombies!
Chess Zombies Team
  • ShD
    Founder, CEO
  • ShE
    Co-founder, CFO
  • UmS
    Lead Artist
  • BaA
    Lead Unity Developer
  • ZlO
    CPO, Product & Project Development
  • PoI
    CTO, System Architect, Development
  • StI
    Full Stack Developer
  • IlV
    Full Stack Developer


Each NFT is a Unique, hand-crafted 3D frame - a Portal, in which a powerful Warrior is imprisoned!

The rotation trajectory of the Portal is determined by the character of the warrior imprisoned in it, and the intensity of the radiance of the frame shows the strength of the inner Energy of this Warrior!
All NFTs from the Chess Pieces collection can be used in our game "Chess Zombies"

To add an NFT Warrior to the game, it will be enough just to connect your TON wallet to the game.


These terms are limited to NFT’s which a holder owns. Ownership is verified cryptographically by the blockchain.

Own your NFT in full:
When you purchase an NFT from the Chess Zombies Collection, you own the NFT and the art associated with your NFT in full. Your ownership is verifiable on the blockchain and we will never make any attempts to alter or remove your ownership rights.
Use your NFT:
Subject to ownership, you are granted a royalty-free license to use, reproduce, display and animate your NFT for both personal and commercial use.
SAFT ENRG ($SENRG) is a tokenized SAFT contract of the $ENRG token, that can be used in the gaming ecosystem of the SHEDEVER studio to vote for the development of the studios projects and acquire the basic cross-game resource, Energy. Owning SAFT ENRG entitles you to receive the $ENRG token at a rate of 1:10 after its TGE. Be sure to read the terms of the SAFT ENRG public offer in our Whitepaper: https://shedever-studio.gitbook.io/chess-zombies-wpeng/information/energy-cells-usdenrg/saft-enrg

Road Map V.1

1. Launch
February 2022
2. Community Standards

We strive to provide a safe, secure environment for our collectors where each individual member has the opportunity to create a real difference to our community.

‍We will always operate transparently and treat our community fairly

3. Opportunities

All members of the community can receive honorary gifts and titles for free for their activity and desire to learn all the secrets of Chess Zombies.

Every Great Warrior with an NFT from our collection will be able to use the NFT in the game!

4. GameFi

To develop the community, we will create a WEB3 and PC game that combines the game mechanics of classic chess, TBS and RPG. In this game, every member who appeared in our community will be able to show the strength of their mind and unconventional thinking.


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